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The public and business customers can list properties For-Sale, For-Lease or Wanted on this site, where they can be viewed by the people searching here for New Zealand Property.

For-Sale ads are affordably priced from $50.00 + GST for the Basic Ad containing 3 photos of the property.

No sales commissions are charged just the one advertising fee. The above prices are based on the advertiser taking and loading their own photos, or taking the photos and sending them to us to load on their behalf.

Property-Wanted ads are priced at $50.00 + GST - with the advertising period of six months. These ads enable persons seeking to buy property to advertise online and to be contacted by property owners before their property is even formally listed For-Sale. This can result in locating bargains and extra special exclusive properties.

Property For-Lease (Rent) ads are available with 3, 10 or 20 photos for $50.00 + GST, $140.00 + GST and $210.00 + GST. Suitable for residential or commercial rental properties.

When a property is sold or leased within the advertising period the ad is easily de-activated by the advertiser via the Edit button.

All ads are displayed for the six month period and include one For-Sale or For-Lease sign. Extensions for another six months are offered for a reduced fee.

The property advertisement displays the photos of the property (quantity depending on the ad format selected) with a virtual tour system for ease of viewing the photos, a comprehensive schedule of property information with the contact details of the advertiser nominated sales representative or licensed real estate agent and a printable brochure containing three photos which can be printed out for additional promotional work.

Should you not be able to use the online registration process, we offer a form that can be posted or faxed out completed and returned. Email your mailing address or fax number to and we will mail or fax you this form.

With the For-Sale and For-Lease ads one sign is included in the price and this will be sent to your nominated street address by overnight courier following the processing of your payment. Additional signs can be purchased should these be required at any stage, sometimes you might want more than one sign for a corner site or large property.

When a property is listed it is allocated a listing number, for example: P1055, this number is displayed on your sign. When people view the sign and are interested they visit the website to view more information and use this reference number to quickly locate and view the property details using the quick search method.

They view the ad containing comprehensive property details, take the virtual tour of the photos and can print out the brochure of the property for quick reference and this contains the advertisers contact information.

The printable brochure can also be printed out by the advertiser to use for local mail-drops and other marketing means to generate interest in the property detailing with links to the website for more information.

Should buyers be genuinely interested after viewing the online advertisement they make direct contact with the owner, owners representative or real estate agent to arrange to view the property.

After viewing the property and expressing interest the purchaser will probably visit the local Council to view LIM reports and then present a written offer via your lawyer. Your lawyer will advise you how to proceed should you accept the offer.

If you are marketing the property privately or with a licensed real estate agent this site provides an effective, affordable marketing solution.

Should you be selling privately you can market your property online and show the property yourself to prospective buyers. If you sell your property yourself you would avoid paying the real estate agents sales commissions.

On a home worth $275,000 agents commissions would be approx 4% or $11,000.00 plus any special advertising fees. For properties over $500,000 agents sales commissions vary but are normally 4% up to $500,000 and 2.5% or 3.5% over the 500,000. Therefore sales commission for a property sold by an agent for $850,000 would be $20,000 + $10,500 = $30,500.00 plus any advertising costs.

Should you be using the services of a licensed real estate agent they would appreciate the additional marketing, exposure and leads advertising on this site provides for a prompt sale.

Advertisng here online saves time because potential buyers view the property photos and details online before they ask to physically visit the property. This ensures that the persons are genuinely interested therefore saving time for all parties.

Real Estate agents can use the Agents Login button to bulk purchase advertising on this site at special discounted prices. These can then be on-sold to their customers, providing a cost effective online marketing solution for all parties.

Ads are listed per region in the order of listing and are displayed for the period of six months. During this advertising period the property details can be updated by the advertiser using the Edit button where they can also view the number of hits the ad has received to date and select to feature the ad on the homepage for the price of $100.00 + GST per week or de-active the ad when the property sells. is a division of and Limited therefore can be accessed easily from the various company sites homepages. This ensures high visibility and traffic flows to this site in excess of 30,000 hits per week.

Licensed Real Estate Agents enter via the �Agents Login� button.

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